RSAdmissions is a dynamic UK-based software company with traditional values and over 20 years’ experience in pupil recruitment in independent schools. We care about the people behind the data and processing, so customer service and support are at the heart of everything we do. Our products are designed to intelligently complement your MIS platform, not replace it, and are fully supported by people who have ‘done the job’.


We continue to build our suite of software products for the Independent Schools Sector. All of our products have been designed with the input of existing clients. Each product is built to handle and simplify a specific, vital process that takes place day to day in your school. You can select and integrate individual software products with your existing infrastructure, or you can utilise the full suite.


If you have a specific requirement, we also look at bespoke commissioned builds to meet your exact needs.

Our Values



Small enough to respond to our users' needs and develop our products accordingly.


Specialist support provided by people who have done the job and understand the challenges.


Proven track record in the sector, providing specialist software that delivers meaningful data enabling schools to prosper.

Our Team

With first-hand experience working in the schools’ sector, our team are well placed to offer tailored support and advice on your admissions processes and software needs. Why not get in touch with us, meet the people supporting the products and let us find a solution that will improve your productivity as well as your prospective parents’ experience?