What's Included

Data Import
Existing data will be imported if required and 'cleaned up' if necessary. (We reserve the right to negotiate a small charge if the 'clean up' is likely to take more than a couple of days).

On each licensed PC and the Network server.

Initial training normally takes a day and we have found that this is sufficient for users to 'get under way'. Two to three weeks later we will return for further training and discussion as required. Thereafter, training visits can be arranged to suit you, for which there is no additional charge.  Even when you feel you do not require any further training, we still like to call in and see you, if only to say 'hello'! If any users leave, we will come in and train their replacements as soon as required. As with all training, this also is free of charge

All users will receive a written User Manual and a number of quick reference guides.

The Annual Licence Fee Covers:

All ongoing training is free, as detailed above.

Help Line
Contact with the 'Help Line' can be by e-mail, telephone or fax. We have established a reputation for excellence for our support and response.  The helpline is available 24/7 52 weeks of the year.

User Group Meetings
A User Group Meeting is held annually which is open to all users and is free of charge. It has developed into a Registrar's/Admissions 'club' where views and ideas can be discussed and new friendships made.

Product Updates and Developments
Regular updates, which include requests for additional functionality and reports, are issued by e-mail. All of our schools receive the updates.

Expert Advice
Expert advice on admissions, customer care and marketing by people who 'have done the job'. This also includes assisting schools to interpret and analyse the statistical data provided by RSAdmissions.

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