RSAdmissions and Pair Education have formed a working partnership. Between us we are able to offer everything you need to deliver excellence at all stages of the pupil recruitment process.

Product Prices

Product Prices

Number of Users                          Full Licence*                       Occasional User 

(ie installed copies)

    1/2 Users                                         £4,230.00                                     £1,350.00

    3 Users                                            £5,340.00                                     £1,850.00

    4 Users                                            £5,850.00                                     £2,275.00

    5 Users                                            £6,935.00                                     £2,795.00

An example installation might be: 2 full licences (£4,230.00) and 2 occasional users (£1,350.00) in total the school would pay £5,580.00

*Full licences are for users who need to input data.

*Occasional user licences are for use by members of staff who only need to view the data, view and run reports and send out mail merge letters.

Annual Licence Fee

Total Number of Licences                                                        Cost
(Regardless of licence type)

    2                                                                                         £1,130.00

    3                                                                                         £1,410.00

    4                                                                                         £1,600.00

    5                                                                                         £1,685.00

    6                                                                                         £1,725.00

    7                                                                                         £1,860.00

    8                                                                                         £1,960.00


1. All prices (product and annual licence fees) are subject to VAT.

2. Licence fees are renewable annually to cover on-going support, unlimited training, new product releases, development, user group meetings and expert advice on admissions, customer care and marketing

3. The above prices are fixed until 31 December 2018

(VAT Reg No 797729452)

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