The RSAdmissions Database

RSAdmissions is the only Admissions and Marketing database for Independent Schools designed and supported by people who have 'done the job'.

The system is designed to be easy to use and flexible.

It uses everyday technology for letters and reporting and includes over 100 reports for the administration of admissions and to enable the presentation of up to date management information on the recruitment process and marketing initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Download perspective enquiries, registrations and open days from your website.
  • Enter, find and amend enquiries with all the information on one screen.
  • Add and report on events and visits including the ability to invite and change the status of visitors ‘en masse’
  • Use Microsoft or Google calendar to automatically prompt follow ups.
  • Use a hyperlink to link individual enquirers to any documents on your system.
  • Run reports, listings and statistical information at the ‘touch of a button’.
  • Export all reports and listings to Excel, Word or Google Sheets.
  • Create additional reports in Excel, Word or Google
  • Enter and report on feeder schools and record contact.
  • Enter and report on Agents and record contact with Agents.
  • Manage the complete entrance exam process.
  • Design, create and store any number of letters, reports and forms using Microsoft Mail Merge or Google Mail.
  • Design, create and store any number of e-mail mail merge documents both personalised and non-personalised using Microsoft or Google Mail.
  • Export ‘joining pupils’ to all current school MIS systems.


In Development:

  • Creation of a ‘dashboard’ – automated reporting to SMT
  • Introduction of Projected Roll reporting
  • On-line capability
  • Enhanced customer support services including data-analysis

graph1-1graph2-2For more information or a free 'no strings attached' demonstration please contact us on:

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01420 568181 (Fax)

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